7 Home Allergens That You Don’t Know About (Infographic)

7 home allergens that exist

Here is a infographic about the 7 home allergens that you don’t know about that exist. Don’t be surprised that something you may not know will shock you. Prepare yourself to learn this amazing and disturbing content on this infographic.

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Teens using more e-cigarettes than ever before

Teens are using more ecigarettes

Studies show that teens are using e-cigarettes at a alarming rate in the U.S. It is not known about the harmful side effects and that can be a major issue.
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7 Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds

Healthy benefits of chia seeds

There are 7 amazing benefits that you will be surprised chia seeds have to offer for your health to be revived and boost performance. If you want these powerful benefits, read along the 7 proven health benefits chia seeds bring.

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Sugar can be the cause of high blood pressure

Sugar may be the reason why many people have high blood pressure

According to a new study by Open Heart, they now found that salt is not the main compound to blame for high blood pressure.
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Liquid Nicotine From E-Cigs Kills Child

Liquid nicotine killed one year old child in New York

Now, the real truth about liquid nicotine seems to be more dangerous than we thought as it kills one innocent child. Continue reading

Inulin Propionate Ester can regulate your appetite

Inulin Propionate Ester may come mixed in food in the future

Scientists from Britain found a way to reduce your appetite by making you feel full with Inulin Propionate Ester, a new ingredient they created. Continue reading

BPA may cause affect in blood pressure

BPA that are found in can goods can cause a spike in systolic blood pressure
Researches in South Korea found that there is a surprising trend between with the chemical BPA that is found in plastic food containers and blood pressure. Continue reading

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